Professonal Website Design

Professional Website Design

More and more, scholars are being asked to connect to wider audiences through digital platforms like professional websites, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Having a page on your department’s website is not enoughjust ask your publisher. It limits the space you have to showcase your expertise as an original thinker in your field. Plus, it tethers you to a single institution.

A professional website or academic portfolio is an effective way to establish your online presence and build your author platform outside of your immediate field and university. It offers an opportunity to connect your research interests to current debates outside of your field—thereby broadening your audience and increasing your visibility to potential readers. 

The downside? Effective websites are voracious time-eaters and even the simplest designs demand some technical knowledge of website development. 

How I Can Help

I design and build websites based on my client’s goals, materials, and aesthetic preferences. As an academic author myself, I offer a particular perspective on building an engaging website fit for the academic environment today. 

For each website, I:


Design the appropriate layout to showcase your work


Curate your materials in a stylish and engaging way


Edit copy that you've written

Consult on other ways of expanding your reach to new audiences

I primarily use WordPress and Squarespace to build low-maintenance yet customizable websites for busy academic authors. Authors choose based on the level of customization and involvement they want (something we discuss together to find the right fit).

As your scholarship and interests grow, you may want to change the format, content, or design of the website. I also update and adjust the website at a discounted rate for returning clients.

Every website I build is:  


Easy to maintain and update as your scholarship grows


Sophisticated, clear, and easy to navigate


Tailored to your style and aesthetic preferences

Get in touch to start designing with me!

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