Book Proposal Evaluation

Book Proposal Evaluation

Getting a contract with your preferred academic press starts with an exceptional book proposal. This service assesses every aspect of the proposal and how well it conveys the manuscript’s argument.

Clients may decide to submit the book proposal by itself or the whole proposal package, including sample chapters and supporting documents. 

You will receive an editorial letter that outlines any obstacles I see to the proposal’s success and which includes detailed suggestions for how to improve its overall strength. 

Service Details

I evaluate your proposal’s:


Structure & Argument:

does the proposal include all the necessary information to make a strong case for your text to be included in the publisher’s list?


Target Audience:

does the proposal convey the author’s understanding of the manuscript and its target audience(s)?


Essential Components:

does each section contribute to the proposal’s argument that this text should be published by this press? 



does it use vocabulary that renders the proposal inaccessible to people outside the author’s discipline? 

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