Job Document Preparation

Job Document Preparation

Writing a cover letter, research statement, or grant proposal shares some challenges with writing an academic text: you have great ideas, but knowing how to squeeze them into a particular genre can be somewhat elusive. 

And even after it’s written, the difficulty of understanding what works and what needs more work remains. That’s where I can help.

Editing Existing Documents

I work with scholars on any document they need to submit to a search committee, in academia or outside it. Some of the most frequent documents I work on include:

  • Cover letters 

  • CVs and resumes (including CV to resume conversions)

  • Grant proposals + proposal packages

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion statements

  • Research and teaching statements

I ensure that your documents:  


Have a compelling narrative


Convey your argument or qualifications clearly


Use language best suited for the document genre and audience


Are free of grammatical errors

Preparing Documents from Scratch

The best way to land that new position is to make your past experience look desirable and relevant. This can be especially difficult when you’re applying for a position in a different field or are seeking a position outside of higher education altogether. 

I work with you to craft your documents from scratch so that they reflect the specific job description and department/organization. We can work off of a draft you already have or brainstorm and write them together.  

Get in touch to start editing with me!

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