Job Document Preparation

Job Document Preparation

The best way to land a new position is to make your past experience look desirable and relevant. This can be especially difficult when seeking a position in a different field or transitioning out of higher education.

As someone who has successfully transitioned out of academia and into an alt-ac role, I offer insight into how to make your academic background work for you in your application materials and interviews.  

How I Can Help

To help my clients utilize their application materials strategically, I focus on their qualifications, past work history, and desired job position and make suggestions for how to bring these elements into alignment.

Documents I work on most frequently include:


CVs and Resumes

This includes CV to resume conversions. If you have a particular job posting or position in mind, send it along with your current materials and I can help you craft a new resume tailored to that position.


Cover Letters

You don’t have much space to convey your qualifications and fit in a cover letter, so it’s vital to make the most of this first impression. Your cover letter shouldn’t be a narrative version of your resume but complement it and add context where needed.

I work with clients on any document they need to submit to a search or hiring committee, in academia or outside it, and suggest ways to strengthen their case for hire into a particular role.

Additionally, I ensure that each document:


Has a compelling narrative


Uses language best suited for the document genre and audience


Conveys your qualifications clearly


Is free of grammatical errors

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