Line Editing for English

Line Editing for English

Sometimes it’s not the structure, narrative, or argument of text that needs revisiting, but the individual words. And if English is your second or third language, revising on the sentence level can be especially daunting. 

I draw on my background in second-language acquisition to find the best solution for each phrase so that you can reach your audience confidently and clearly. Specific attention is given to consistency of language, proper use of terms, flow of phrasing, and fluency.

Service Details


Sentence-level Attention

This editing brings any unclear or inaccurate phrases into focus by suggesting more precise language or restructuring the sentence. I offer a few different solutions and often re-write sentences for particularly complex ideas or tangled phrases.


Rigorous Revisions

Precise word choice and phrasing fortifies the text’s meaning and eliminates confusion. All suggestions are specific to the context of the manuscript and verified for meaning. Clients walk away with reliable options to strengthen their text. 



Balanced Language

Audience, style, and authorial intent inform my suggestions; the standards of American English and academic prose support them. I provide a detailed explanation of any significant changes that I’ve made to the language or word choice. 

This service is appropriate for fully-drafted article or book-length manuscripts that are close to their final draft and can be added to any other service.  

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