This is a brief overview of the services I offer. You can find more detail in their individual pages by clicking on the name of each service. To get started with any service, fill out the contact form or email me directly at

I offer a free 30-minute consultation to interested authors who have questions before we agree to work together. After this initial meeting, I can give you a more exact estimate of the cost to complete your project. All services are currently billed hourly. 

Manuscript Development

Manuscript Development takes the document as a whole and seeks to fortify its argument for clarity and cohesion. I read through the entire manuscript, note any obstacles to its effectiveness, and write up an editorial letter that includes a tailored revision plan that you can implement on your own. My suggestions focus on structure, narrative, evidence, style, and tone.

This service includes two phone or Zoom sessions: the first before work begins to discuss your project and goals in greater detail, and the second following the return of the final product. Read more… 

Book Proposal Evaluation

My evaluation reveals any potential obstacles to the proposal’s effectiveness, including overuse of discipline-specific terminology, incomplete or missing components, a less-than compelling argument for why this manuscript belongs at this articular press. This service includes a full read through of your proposal and any supporting documents you wish to include. Read more…

Line Editing for English

This service focuses on the use of language and ensures that the text sounds, flows, and reads fluidly in English. I make sure your manuscript is publication ready by fixing any linguistic obstacles and allowing your argument to shine through.

This service includes one phone or Zoom sessions before work begins to discuss your project and goals in greater detail. Read more…

Author Platform Design

With this service, I guide you through the process of designing and building a website that helps you meet your goals. I use WordPress, Squarespace, and Google Sites services to build low-maintenance yet customizable websites for busy academic authors. Authors choose based on the level of customization and involvement they want (something we discuss together to find the right fit). Read more…

Professional Website: Consultation

In this hour session, you can ask me any specific questions you have about an existing website or we can brainstorm what kind of website would best fit your needs and style.

We can talk about anything from the technical side of building a website (including hosting, domain names, design software, ecommerce integrations etc.) to the design aspects that make a website engaging and effective for visitors (writing for the web, when and how to include images, what structure best fits your content, etc.). 

Job Document Preparation

I work with scholars on any document they need to submit to a search committee, in academia or outside it. We can work off of a draft you already have or brainstorm how to write them together. Read more…   

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