The feedback I received from Amanda and our follow-up discussion were fabulous. Amanda provided me with a set of written observations and suggestions to which I have referred back many times to create my work plan. During our meeting, I was able to develop a set of actionable items for moving my draft towards publication: a solid restructuring plan for a section, a series of footnotes to better situate myself in the extant literature, and a plan for clarifying the theoretical discussion in my introduction. And, while talking with her, I found a better framing for my argument! Workshopping this piece with such an engaged reader and skilled editor has revived my motivation and resulted in a stronger article. I will definitely return for future projects and recommend a session of developmental editing with Amanda for any scholar looking to fine-tune their craft.

– Associate Professor, Spanish Literature/Iberian Studies, University of Virginia

Writing is tough and even tougher when it feels like a solitary process. Working with Amanda changes this. Talking through my work with Amanda helped me to develop a cohesive, fluid argument. After our initial session, she helped me identify the points that needed the most work. Her comments were insightful and generous. Not only a close reader, Amanda is also a fantastic listener and made me feel comfortable discussing my work with her. I thoroughly recommend her services!

– Research Fellow, History, London School of Economics

Amanda edited an article that I submitted for publication in an academic journal. She did an absolutely brilliant job. She provided me with an initial assessment, where she made excellent suggestions on how to restructure the article, strengthen the main argument, and make the text more concise. We had a preliminary meeting to plan the additional revisions that the article required and then went through several rounds of edits. Amanda was very helpful at all stages, offering useful comments on both language and content. She was also very responsive, answered all my additional questions, and returned the edited texts in a timely manner. I will definitely reach out to Amanda again for my future projects and I highly recommend her services to academic writers looking for ways to polish their prose.

Postdoctoral Fellow, History, University College Dublin

Amanda very quickly identified the most important themes in my work, which allowed us to get right into some of the big questions about tone, audience, format, etc. Another way of saying this is that I felt like she got what I was going for, which was great!

– Assistant Professor of Practice, Music, University of California, Berkeley 

Amanda was great to work with, she was flexible, punctual, and made all the edits I asked for. Looking forward to working with her again!

MBA, Stern School of Business, New York University

Amanda was a phenomenal editor to my Ph.D. dissertation. She provided an outstanding service and managed to considerably improve the clarity of the text, despite the technical nature and density of the document. She offered extremely pertinent comments to improve the flow of the dissertation and caught even the subtlest of typos and mistakes. Overall, I was very pleased with the results and working with Amanda far exceeded my expectations. My dissertation would have had a considerably lower quality weren’t for Amanda’s insights and knowledge of the English language. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for professional editing on their documents, whether a humanities paper or a math treatise. Thank you again for your amazing help!

– Postdoctoral Fellow, Physics, Princeton University

Amanda helped me get my text into tip top shape! She read my manuscript thoroughly and provided thoughtful feedback on the language and structure all in a timely manner.

– Data Analyst, Stern School of Business, New York University

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